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QJ series deep well submersible pump 4 inch

QJ series deep well submersible pump 4 inch

  • FOB Price:
  • US 500.00
  • Port:
  • QJ series deep well submersible pump 4 inch
  • Min.Order:
  • 1 Set
  • Supply Ability:
  • 5000
Product Detail
Quick Details
  • Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Modern Pump
  • Model Number:Qj Series
  • Theory:Centrifugal Pump
  • Structure:Multistage Pump
  • Usage:Water
  • Power:Electric
  • Standard Or Nonstandard:Standard
  • Fuel:Electric
  • Pressure:Low Pressure
  • Application:Submersible
  • Material:Cast Iron Or Stainless Steel
  • Diameter:Max 300m
  • Flow:500m3/h
  • Head:320
  • Parts:Pump Head,seal And Motor
  • Check Valve:Yes
  • Temperature:<100 Degree
  • Usage1:Deep Well
  • Usage2:High Head
  • Usage3:Spring
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QJ series deep well submersible pump 4 inch   

Product Description


Water supply, irrigation for project or home using.



Flow Capacity: 1-36m3/h

Head: 21-375m

Work temperature: 0-105°C             



Body: Stainless steel 304

Impeller: plastic


Technical Data:

No.ModelFlow Rate/HeadFlow Rate/HeadFlow Rate/HeadPowerPump DiameterDischarge Diameter
1100QJ2-52/101m3/h,  60m2m3/h,   52m3m3/h,   38m0.559640
2100QJ2-70/131m3/h,  79m2m3/h,   70m3m3/h,   50m0.759640
3100QJ2-98/191m3/h, 114m2m3/h,   98m3m3/h,   72m1.19640
4100QJ2-140/271m3/h, 162m2m3/h, 140m3m3/h, 102m1.59640
5100QJ3-30/82m3/h,  40m3m3/h,   30m4m3/h,   20m0.559640
6100QJ3-52/102m3/h,  62m3m3/h,   52m4m3/h,   36m0.759640
7100QJ3-72/142m3/h,  87m3m3/h,   72m4m3/h,   50m1.19640
8100QJ3-93/182m3/h, 112m3m3/h,   93m4m3/h,   65m1.59640
9100QJ3-134/262m3/h, 160m3m3/h, 134m4m3/h,   95m2.29640
10100QJ3-165/322m3/h, 200m3m3/h, 165m4m3/h, 116m39640
11100QJ3-227/442m3/h, 270m3m3/h, 227m4m3/h, 160m49640
12100QJ4-30/63m3/h,  35m4m3/h,   30m5m3/h,   20m0.559640
13100QJ4-40/83m3/h,  45m4m3/h,   40m5m3/h,   26m0.759640
14100QJ4-60/123m3/h,  67m4m3/h,   60m5m3/h,   40m1.19640
15100QJ4-80/163m3/h,  88m4m3/h,   80m5m3/h,   52m1.59640
16100QJ4-110/243m3/h, 130m4m3/h, 110m5m3/h,   80m2.29640
17100QJ4-140/303m3/h, 167m4m3/h, 140m5m3/h, 100m39640
18100QJ4-180/403m3/h, 200m4m3/h, 180m5m3/h, 130m49640
19100QJ4-250/553m3/h, 275m4m3/h, 250m5m3/h, 180m5.59640
20100QJ4-340/753m3/h, 375m4m3/h, 340m5m3/h, 240m7.59640
21100QJ6-26/74m3/h,  36m6m3/h,   26m7m3/h,   16m0.759640
22100QJ6-34/94m3/h,  46m6m3/h,   34m7m3/h,   20m1.19640
23100QJ6-50/134m3/h,   67m6m3/h,   50m7m3/h,   29m1.59640
24100QJ6-70/184m3/h, 100m6m3/h,   70m7m3/h,   41m2.29640
25100QJ6-110/264m3/h, 145m6m3/h, 110m7m3/h,   62m39640
26100QJ6-130/344m3/h, 180m6m3/h, 130m7m3/h,   81m49640
27100QJ6-166/424m3/h, 225m6m3/h, 166m7m3/h,   90m5.59640
28100QJ6-220/564m3/h, 300m6m3/h, 220m7m3/h, 120m7.59640
29100QJ8-41/86m3/h,  45m8m3/h,   41m10m3/h, 33m1.59650
30100QJ8-60/126m3/h,  68m8m3/h,   60m10m3/h, 50m2.29650
31100QJ8-76/156m3/h,  86m8m3/h,   76m10m3/h, 65m39650
32100QJ8-104/206m3/h, 114m8m3/h, 104m10m3/h, 80m49650
33100QJ8-115/236m3/h, 128m8m3/h, 115m10m3/h, 100m5.59650
34100QJ8-145/286m3/h, 160m8m3/h, 145m10m3/h, 120m7.59650
35100QJ10-48/108m3/h,  58m10m3/h, 48m14m3/h, 27m2.29650
36100QJ10-60/138m3/h,  72m10m3/h, 60m14m3/h, 36m39650
37100QJ10-80/178m3/h,  95m10m3/h, 80m14m3/h, 45m49650
38100QJ10-108/228m3/h, 125m10m3/h, 108m14m3/h, 57m5.59650
39100QJ10-130/278m3/h, 151m10m3/h, 130m14m3/h, 72m7.59650
40100QJ16-34/1014m3/h, 37m16m3/h, 34m20m3/h, 26m39650
41100QJ16-48/1414m3/h, 53m16m3/h, 48m20m3/h,  36m49650
42100QJ16-61/1814m3/h, 65m16m3/h,  61m20m3/h,  47m5.59650
43100QJ16-81/2414m3/h,  90m16m3/h, 81m20m3/h,  60m7.59650
44150QJ25-28/520m3/h,  35m25m3/h,  28m30m3/h,  18m314565
45150QJ25-40/720m3/h, 46m25m3/h,  40m30m3/h, 28m414565
46150QJ25-50/920m3/h,  60m25m3/h,  50m30m3/h,  35m5.514565
47150QJ25-70/1220m3/h, 80m25m3/h,  70m30m3/h, 50m7.514565
48150QJ25-88/1520m3/h, 100m25m3/h, 88m30m3/h, 65m9.214565
49150QJ25-105/1820m3/h, 120m25m3/h, 105m30m3/h, 70m1114565



25m3/h, 125m30m3/h, 84m1314565



25m3/h, 155m30m3/h, 100m1514565
52150QJ32-25/328m3/h, 29m32m3/h, 25m36m3/h, 21m414575
53150QJ32-35/428m3/h, 40m32m3/h, 35m36m3/h, 28m5.514575
54150QJ32-47/628m3/h, 62m32m3/h, 47m36m3/h, 41m7.514575
55150QJ32-58/728m3/h, 67m32m3/h, 58m36m3/h, 48m9.214575
56150QJ32-69/928m3/h, 86m32m3/h, 69m36m3/h, 56m1114575
57150QJ32-82/1028m3/h, 95m32m3/h, 82m36m3/h, 68m1314575
58150QJ32-95/1228m3/h, 110m32m3/h, 95m36m3/h, 78m1514575
59150QJ32-117/1528m3/h, 136m32m3/h, 117m36m3/h, 96m18.514575
60150QJ32-139/1828m3/h, 162m32m3/h, 139m36m3/h, 118m2214575
61150QJ32-158/2028m3/h, 183m32m3/h, 158m36m3/h, 129m2514575
62150QJ32-190/2428m3/h, 220m32m3/h, 190m36m3/h, 156m3014575
63150QJ32-234/3028m3/h, 272m32m3/h,  234m36m3/h, 192m3714575

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1.Payment terms: 30% TT in advance, 70% before shipment or scanned B/L     
2.Quality warranty: 12 months from receiving days     
3.Spare parts:inlet and outlet flange,screws 


Company Details

Verified Supplier - Dongguan Modern Pump Factory


Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company

Address:Dushang Industrial Area, Dafen Community, Wanjiang District, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


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